Helping you reach your full profit potential

The Profit Sisters are experienced and results-driven collaborators who teach business owners how to take their profit potential to the next level

Our Story

We are five strong, motivated, energetic business owners working in partnership to teach our clients how to reach their full profit potential.

We met each other through building our own online businesses and discovered we all had a common drive: to reach our full potential and teach others how to.

We invested time, energy, and money into honing our own skills and knowledge and understanding. We invested in ourselves and our professional development and worked together to create some kick-ass content that we now want to share with the world.

We partner and collaborate. 

We motivate and invigorate

We support and build each other up.

We are the new wave of feminist business owners who aren't afraid to speak up and show others just how it's done.

Let us show you how you can reach your full profit potential.

Who we are

Rachel Dool

Rachel Dool's strengths are in providing Digital Marketing Support; Organisation, Systematization and Streamlining and All Round Admin Support to Health Businesses.

Sarah Mansfield

Sarah Mansfield has been providing online website support and email marketing services to her coaching clients.

Susanne Hopfner has been providing online marketing support services for over 10 years and has helped her Australian and international clients free up time so they can work on their business.


Storm McManus is an Online Marketing & Communications Expert and helps businesses create dynamic and creative content to share with their target markets.

Susan Wilkin's specialties lie in running high converting webinars, developing sales funnels with reach, and email marketing campaigns that get the clicks. 

What we do

We create

Dynamic & contemporary content designed to empower businesses to achieve their full profit potential

We build

Engaging partnerships & business relationships to take your earnings to the next level

We test

Methodologies & strategies to improve and benefit businesses as they strive to meet long-term goals

We perfect

Content & courses so we only deliver the best of the best designed to help businesses meet their targets

We teach

Cutting-edge how-to courses & online marketing strategies so that businesses can learn & thrive

We support

Solo- and entrepreneurs who know they have greater potential and are working hard to achieve their goals

Who we help

  • Motivated and energetic business owners looking to learn from experienced professionals
  • Medium to large business owners looking to share their product or service with their list
  • Results-focussed business owners looking to see a high return on their investments

Does this sound like you?

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